Winter 2014…


February 7, 2014, cold, slush covered salt infused roads, bike lanes are nowhere to be seen…

December 2013 was a doozie, this is Atlantic Canada and we are used to a fair bit of snow, however, we got 130cm / 50 inches of it from Dec 15 to the 30th !  Thankfully, in January we got a few warm days and even heavy rain to knock back those mountains of white delight, my driveway had 6ft tall banks  on both sides and i’m fortunate to have an empty field that i can throw part of it into, some of my friends living in city center told me stories of angry and quite vocal outbursts among neighbors throwing snow into each other’s yards lol…

I write this while suffering  the worst cold i have had in a long time. It started a week ago, woke up to Superbowl Sunday  with mild chills and muscle ache, I had a couple glasses of wine the night before so i figured it must just be a mild hangover thing.. no big deal…. breakfast and coffee.. i’d be right as rain…..

Well, by Monday morning, it got worse, much worse, got out of bed, fed dog and hit the couch with two Tylenol . By Tuesday, the coughing started and it went down hill from there..  This used to be a monthly event while working in a crowded call center, germ farm, contamination station, specially when school started and kids got their parents sick, who then took it to work, and it spread like green mold on bread…  Since Nov 2012, i have been pretty darn healthy ! But, not today, as i blow my nose and cringe at the green ooze of a sinus infection, went to the after hours clinic yesterday and was given penicillin, i am not a fan of antibiotics, but given the last time i had to take some was in high school, it’s not too bad i suppose.

Being at home, full time, is fantastic ! I love it,  while some people get cabin fever and go bonkers mad with boredom… Not me !

The days fly by while i ship ebike parts, make wine, watch reruns on Space Channel, test batteries, keep up with Endless Sphere,  learn about video editing for my YouTube channel,  hang out with Sandy,  work out on my Total Gym, clean the house…. etc etc etc

On the topic of cleaning house, imagine this, i live alone with my dog, got a three bedroom two story house with basement, a garage and two sheds, all full…. This is not acceptable ! ..

I started in the crawl spaces, digging my way thru, when i moved into this house ( 10 years ago ) , most of the previously stored boxes full of ” personal belongings ” went there to gather dust while life continued at full speed. Every Sunday is garbage night and i have been loading up as much as i dare and hope they take it all, week after week…

Found some really cool stuff along the way, like Windows 95 on Diskette !.. and antique PC parts… old clothes like leather coat with big flashy american flag sown on the back .. comic books.. one of each kitchen stuff left over from old room-mates … some of it i kept and will sell on ebay or kijiji but 90% of it was junk.  Next week.. it’s basement’s turn !

Ebike kit sales are slow but steady,  in a way this is a good thing, giving me a chance to get feedback from customers on the kit. Also working on the battery pack situation,  selling kits without batteries is like selling vacuum cleaners without power cords.. I really need to find a solution to this most pressing issue.

As anxious as i am for spring to arrive,  i am perfectly ok with winter taking it’s time to leave…. Enjoying my extended, well, it’s not exactly a vacation given i am working on something seven days a week, but i do so at my own leisurely pace and loving every minute of it.

Have been working hard to cut down my monthly expenses, got a new cell phone with lower monthly charge, changing internet providers to get more services and saving 30$ a month at the same time. Started buying in bulk and using my freezer instead of buying smaller portions every week at double the price, it all adds up !

As i see it, you can either think big and swim with the sharks, or keep it manageable and swim with the jelly fish…. I’m a simple guy, don’t need much, as long as i can pay my bills and eat two meals a day and feed my dog,  i’m happy .

With each passing day, the sun feels warmer and the daylight is longer,  before you know it, i’ll be back on the road….

Last week, i picked up a Norco Bigfoot fatbike, with 4″ wide tires this thing is a beast, but it’s a lot of fun to ride, it’s going to be my spare time project for the next month.

2 thoughts on “Winter 2014…

  1. Hi YPedal,

    Great website (minimalist or not). I’m in Australia but apart from that, we have much in common. People share the same experiences the world over it seems. I’m curious to know where you get those great colour coded connectors you use on your kits. Are you able to tell me? I have built a cobbled together ebike that is largely ‘hard wired’ but I’d love to be able to use water resistant connectors as I like to strip the bike down for service from time to time.

    Thanks and all the best,


  2. Thank you !

    I would love to be in Australia right now, warm dry days… ( it’s snowing at the moment, -5 celcius and 3ft of hard pack snow banks over here… )

    The quick release connectors are a nice feature, i have hard wired / soldered bikes and cutting/soldering everything every time you need to work on the bike can be a real pain.

    I had the connectors installed at the factory in china as a custom change, they are good for occasional disconnect and up to 20 amps max… i have some spare harnesses however you would need to figure out the color combo to retrofit your motor/controller / throttle/display/ etc.

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