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I get a frantic call late at night ” I almost burned down my kitchen !!! “

Oh my !!! … as my jaw drops. ” What happened ? “

I play with high powered batteries on a daily basis, i make mistakes sometimes and sparks fly. For this reason, i screen people as carefully as is possible, educate, warn and build things in a way to minimize any mistakes.  Have a look below to see what happens when you combine a high power 48v Lipo battery to a 40 amp controller with reverse polarity !


The red and black Anderson Powerpoles are uni-sex, and have dove-tail fittings so you can set them up in various different ways and prevent accidents as seen on top, I tested this battery pack thoroughly before handing it over, since the customer’s bike was not in my possession at the time, i had the Andersons matching my personal bikes.. Late at night, tired and working in a dark canvas bag, customer was not paying attention to polarity ( as instructed !!! )   and WHAMO.. instant vaporized pieces, wires turn to slag in a micro second, bits of charred plastic become flakes of ash floating in the air.  The 50 amp fuse never blew, as dramatic as this event was, the controller was fine and unharmed, the arc created by the low resistance/high voltage Lipo.. vaporized the connectors before they could even make a solid connection ( a good thing ) .


Back in 2010 or so i had a batch of T-Shirts made, without any logo  available at the time i had the screen print place design me a simple stick man on wheels have been wearing these and nothing else since, 7 days a week.. I wonder if that had anything to do with my corporate realignment ….. hmm.


I love popcorn ! I’ve given up on microwaved PC a long time ago, got myself a hot air popper, tried the pot on stove method with all sorts of oils like peanut, olive, coconut, canola, etc oils and found coconut to be the best of them all.  Then tried a machine from Costco, worked great but was a pain to clean.  Finally got a stove top dedicated Popcorn maker with stir stick in the handle .. yeah.. it’s an obsession.


Managed to avoid a serious crash

So after removing the motor from that mangled 20″ rim, i re-laced it into a 24″, this increased the bike’s top speed but took away from the acceleration.. It held up for about a year until a heavier weight friend was using the bike and trying to chase me down on the KMX trike, off-road, cooked the motor, magnets came unglued from the rotor and were spinning free inside.


This is another change to the Chaos, when i added 4 more packs to double the capacity, 100v 10ah, in order to reach my old workplace and back home on a charge at full throttle.


Say it with Bacon !


Boot Toques !

First saw those at a local Small Business fair here in Moncton NB, a local man started making these after his wife got made at him for walking in the house with dirty work boots…


I have to say, I was skeptic at first when my neighbor got a pair, but one weekend working in his garage on a dirty snow blower, he asked me to go in the house to get something and as i walk into the doorway i spotted these, stepped into them with my dirty boots, slid across the floor and back to the door with a silly grin on my face.. yeah. i had to get me a pair too.. worth every penny !

Making bread !


I had been wanting to make bread for a while, but never got around to it, with my newly found spare time, decided to have a go at it.  I ruined a few loaves before getting the hang of it, as simple as it is to do, there are countless important micro steps that all come into play to make that wonderful ” Mom’s fresh loaf ” ..  I Googled it, watched a bunch of youtube video’s, called my mother and grandmother, tried and tried until i can now finally manage a decent edible loaf of bread… hard work.. but oh so good.

How about some lightbulb roasted marshmallows ! Powered by ebike batteries of course !


Canada day bike ride !!

canada4 +

August 9, 2011 !

Endless Sphere is sold and then re-sold to Justin from ebikes.ca in what was a frantic couple of days where the sphere almost went down in ruble..   Membership has been growing strong ever since !


Another group ride, Sandy included !


One of my previous room mates went to Ontario at one point many years ago,  visited Chilly  Chiles Got me a small bottle of Smoked Habanero, oh my frickin god ! This stuff is HOT..  years later i’ve only managed to put a small dent in this thing.


After overheating my RC motor and melting the terminations inside, i got some really nice heat sinks from Recumpence from ES..


And another house reno, kitchen this time, would have loved to get some granite counter top but that’s not in my budget right now and the old Yellow and Red had to go…


Peeled off the laminate layer from the old counter and got some peel’n stick floor tiles, my neighbor’s wife shook her head in disbelief at what i was about to do, but had to admit once it was done that it turned out pretty darn good for what it cost.


Then it was the floor’s turn !

kitchen floor

When i first got my KMX Cobra !


Playing with fire again !

Wanted to know first hand what it took to make Lipo go up in flames, this was done in the safest way i could conceive, face shield, water buckets, hose, gloves .. etc… all recorded and posted on youtube . Turns out these cells can take a significant amount of abuse and still not shoot flames, but they certainly have the ability and should be treated with the greatest of respect !


Maple Sugar !


This hurt, a lot..

Lesson learned, do not try to carry heavy garbage bags on a high power electric BMX …


Finally got the garage re-wired with it’s own sub-panel and 220v on tap !


Now i need to learn how to weld !

PB&J grilled sandwich anyone ?pbj2

Turned out surprisingly good but the peanut butter gets really runny !


Puffed Phylion cells from eZee battery packs of years ago..  they lasted about 2 years of use and then quit, used or not… thank god they changed suppliers and their current packs are far better !


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