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My nephew Lucas on his 4th birthday…

This little toy electric motorcycle was given to me, dead, no battery and no charger, broken throttle etc.  I installed a 24v NiCad battery and a crystalyte brushed controller with a new throttle, zipped right along, it was able to pull my 185 Lb around the yard, with his 25 Lb, well, you can imagine !


Another bike for Mr.A with a 9C kit on the front wheel at 36v…


My RC bike started making noise at one point, after spending a few hours taking things apart to narrow down the possible causes.. i ended up opening the motor and finding loose solder bouncing around in there.. and some motor coils got really hot, showing blackened varnish. After re-soldering the motor terminations and bolting it back up, working just fine once again !


New Lipo battery for the Cyclone Bike-E , after the previous one died, 24v 25ah.

bikeE-25ahLipo Bike-Edone

Testing different motors on the E-BMX , battery in backpack, the one below is a Nine Continents motor, at 72v it went well over 65 kph !


The one that started it all !

A Bonelli mtb purchased at the yearly police auction here in Moncton, fitted with a used Wilderness Energy front BL kit ( a crystalyte motor at the time ) and 36v of Lead Acid…. very heavy.. low performance.. but oh so much fun none the less !!!


A very long home built chopper i traded for a Nitro RC truck, still in my basement gathering dust, will get some sort of motor eventually.


The Chaos on 100v 5ah Lipo, replacing 35 lb of battery with 7 lb made a HUGE difference in handling, making this bike my daily driver…


A customer from Richibucto got this mini-bike from Quebec a while back, had problems with it and heard about me from my cousin who lived next door to him, got in touch and fixed it up for him, a few times now.


I wanted to learn how to weld, after getting a Mig Welder and trying to use it on my old crappy garage wiring, popping the breaker, having to run into the house, basement, reset, back to the garage and pop the breaker again a few times… gave up on that idea and decided to get a generator.  In theory, this ” 4000w ” generator should have been able to supply enough power, however, as with everything else in modern marketing, it simply did not work..


A very talented guy from the US made me a batch of jockey wheels for my A2B Metro, very snazzy !!..


First Gas Bike, after testing a whole slew of electric kits, i wanted to know first hand how the gasoline versions compared… got this from ebay for 150$ shipped, took a day to install it on my neighbor’s bike. It worked pretty good, for the price, but the vibration from the motor is terrible, the smell of the 2 stroke motor leaves a snowmobile smell on your pants, it vibrates all the bicycle components loose and requires Loc-Tite on every nut and bolt…. basically .. not worth owning… sold it.


Flashlights !

I have been a long time flashlight fan, grew up with a trusty Maglite 2xAA on my hip, since i have terrible night vision it was my only option and i can only wish today’s flashlights were available back then… as you can see, my collection is now substantial !.. and growing.


From Croatia, when a member on the ES forum contacted me to see if i could help him ship some custom laser cut disk brake rotors, i inquired and got a few made with Ypedal.com  !


Another version of the Gas bike kits, this one i traded for a Headway battery, it is far better than the previous ” China Girl kit ” . With an industrial Mitsubishi motor and a Staton Inc. gearbox, it runs much smoother, but also costs over 1000$. I kept this one, I use it occasionally for longer trips, but since a few of my ebikes now have long range packs on them…. not as much recently.


Bloody mess, took some friends on a group ride, while traveling on a dirt road down a steep hill, brakes were applied a bit too hard on the front and washed out, result was not so pretty.


Sandy loves snow..

sandhlovessnow1 sandhlovessnow2 sandy-cold

Another group ride, this time we went to an outdoor concert at The Hill here in Moncton to see U2  !!. was a great show !


In my old house’s basement, discovered a glass Walking Stick, with a tag from JC Penny dating back mid 50’s ..

walking stick

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