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More crazy stuff from Ypedal history.

I moved into my house in 2002 – 2003, not connected to the city water service, even tho water tax had to be paid regardless because i’m within city limits… Since the well water was horrible, i gave in a few years later and had it hooked up. Much better water from the city and full pressure at all times !!!!.. Best shower..ever.. ( those of you on well water know what i’m talking about !  )


Big mess !


When my old Mastercraft cordless drill Nicad battery finally died, i got a new drill with new packs and charger for less than the cost of a single New pack. crazy…  And since the old drill was no longer being used i figured what the heck, opened the battery box, removed the nicads and wedged in some lithium cells form a defective Makita drill … Been using that old drill weekly for the last 5 years and it’s still going.  while the new, never used drill, is still in the box.


In Moncton, we have a yearly outdoor concert at ” The Hill ” it’s a nightmare to get in, and worse time getting out after the concert with 1000’s people congested, drunk, tired and wanting to get home… First year we went on ebikes AC/DC was playing, parked the truck a few km away from the concert site, biked in, enjoyed the show and rode back to the truck in no time after the concert….

acdc concert

Ingredients that go into my Beef Jerky !!.. I love that stuff. There is no recipe, i just grab and mix in various proportions every batch…. I’m not into the  shooting flames thru your ears kinda guy, prefer sweet and smoky .


Bored one Saturday night long long ago, made a flashlight from a salvaged Lithium pack and parts laying around, 12v lithium into an inverter to power a 110 v twistie bulb, i use it in the back yard during summer, VERY bright !! with something like 8hr run time !



Ms A. above, from Sussex, enjoying a ride on the Chopper, all smiles per mile on this bike.. it’s so much fun..   Below is an eVox semi-recumbent with a front eZee kit i put together for her..  very comfy ride !


Another house renovation, flooring, scene from the walking dead on TV was totally unexpected..

Before :


After :


Another folding bike, front crystalyte motor, 36v nicad on the back


Met up with Justin from ebikes.ca during his Cross Canada Trip, epic journey from Vancouver BC to Halifax NS carrying only what he could  fit on his bike… brave guy !!



He had a go on the Chopper.. after riding across Canada on 36v with a heavy cargo bike, going for a spin on the 72v / 4000w light weight chopper sure put a smile on his face..

JustinChopper 003JustinChopper 001 (2)

Below, on his way to Halifax NS on the eve of a hurricane,

Quote ” … Holy Toledo what an experience that was… “

September 29, 2008 on page 20 of this discusstion


Total of 7500 Km all on about 8$ of electricity..


Another eZee kit bike conversion, a local man who rides extended distances, of all the ebikers i know, he easily wins the most miles per season award !


Another modification of the Chaos, a rear X5 motor made this bike even heavier but hauled ass like nobody’s business ! ( Until the axle came out of it’s slot and popped out of the frame… )


When i first received my RC drive from ES member Recumpence, a work of art, this was the first two stage RC motor drive sold as far as i know.. still running strong.


A small house project, turned into a HUGE one… as most house renovations go.. Started with chimney leaking into the basement, knocked it down and patched/finished the outside of the house in a weekend of non-stop work with the help of a few friends… then on Sunday night when i’m finally sitting down on the couch, my  other friend drops in and decides to help me knock down the fireplace and rip the whole inside wall out.. re-insulate, drywall, etc…since i had a dumpster on the front lawn.. I was sore for a week.


As much as i loved my Honda ATC trikes, they were antiques and no longer fit to ride with friends on four wheelers for 100’s of km per trip… so i got a used Polaris, damn thing broke down almost every ride, after wasting 1000’s of $ repairing it, the motor finally blew up ( broke a connecting rod and self-destructed badly ) .. sold it for parts.


The Acadian Poutine !

Not the fries with gravy kind, i grew up eating these regularly, made from potatoes ( combination of cooked/mashed and raw/ground/squeezed spuds ) with salted pork inside…  To those who have never tried one, it’s a strange food, but covered in sugar i could eat them weekly if they were not so much work…


Sandy getting a bath !


Sandy and her friend Midnight… uhm.. well.. you know.Sandy-Grrrr3

My tape collection ! I love tape, as you might assume, like the right tool for the job, tape comes in various types… and i have most of them..


One of the wings at a local wind farm being built in NB, these wind mills are MASSIVE..


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