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In no logical order, some random pictures covering a decade of tinkering…

Below, using silly putty to come up with various torque arm designs, this is one part of a 2 piece axle retaining device i messed around with… Complete fail..


Before ebikes, i collected, fixed and learned everything there is to know about Honda Trikes, had almost every 200cc model before i finally got myself a 250sx, cadillac of trikes….  As a kid i used to read magazines and dreamed of owning one, however i grew up fairly poor and it was not an option, 20 years later i get to buy my own toys !


CNC machined motor cover for crystalyte 4 series motors made for me by a talented Australian !… still in the ” To do ” projects list.. for the last 10 years.. argh


When you wake up at 4am, unable to sleep, with a craving for something sweet, take a moment and inspect your snack BEFORE you take a bite !!


I thought these were like Twinkies and would survive a nuclear attack, however, i discovered that ” Best before ” was way.. WAY past…

Downtube FS folding bike, this was the first bicycle i purchased brand new with intention of electrifying, tried it on 72v for a short while before finding out you really don’t want to go this fast, on a folding bike !


DIY battery box, another failed attempt at a non-conductive weather proof, suitable box.. = FAIL..


One of the many revisions to the Chaos project, 72v 20ah of Lithium,  something like 35 lbs, great for long range but WAY too heavy ….


New years eve on Endless Sphere,  2007 ! Was pretty cool, members taking a picture of their beer over the previous poster’s image.. the world over.

Cheers !


Why is my computer shutting down so often ?


First time ordering from China in larger quantity back in 2003~2004, that was an experience to never forget ! When you buy custom product from china, and you don’t specify everything in minute detail assuming that it’s just plain o’l ” Common Sense ” .. ha.. yeah….. it might have made sense in china.. but wow…

Crystalyte2sm (1)

First time  charging a 72v pack resulted in sparks and blown fuses, little did i know at the time you need ” Isolated ” chargers if you do not separate Series connected packs to charge.. woops. so i made myself a sign.


Giant ATX mountain bike with front eZee kit, and small 3ah battery in the triangle bag. Sold to a local customer many years ago, will need a new battery this year but the rest of the bike is still holding up well !


I’ve had a few groundhogs over the years, seems they like to make themselves at home under my office ( above ground extension on the house ) and drive Sandy insane… caught this guy and drove him out a dozen km away so he can make himself a new home, away from mine !


Brushing a Samoyed is a messy job, imagine the fur in my house ! I try to brush Sandy outside as much as possible. I like to add a little with every ebike kit shipment.


An earlier version of the Chaos, had 72v of NIMH on the bike ( 60x D cells ! ) , and after 5 seconds with the throttle on full with lithium, i knew the nimh had to go away…


And before that, the 72v pack on a rear rack, that broke, in traffic… Norcoebike

Sandy sticking her tongue out at the camera…


Look carefully, one of these things, not like the others.


Morning after the night before, late night pancakes ?

Picked up a Schwinn chopper frame on ebay, paid more for shipping than the item cost, and at first I was going to use 100 lbs of Lead Acid to make a long range electric scooter…  Thank god the lead never got mounted, went right to lithium.. see Chopper project.


Soldering surface mounted electrical components is not an easy job… this is an early version of the Drain Brain, now called the Cycle Analyst by ebikes.ca .. fantastic product !


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