That’s Cheating !

Cheating ?..  Say what ? 

I’ve heard it often, first time was at my old job, in an elevator, co-worker realized my bicycle had a motor and a battery… In her eyes i was ” cheating ” and not being a true cyclist.. 

I replied : only if i was racing !

Then i asked her how she got to work ? looking at the keys dangling on her middle finger… ” Are you cheating too ? ”  .. i mean seriously.. she could have walked to work.. right ?  that would make it pure and more honorable.. 

But no, I do not consider myself a cheater, I am not a morning person however, and I love sleeping past 9 am.  Getting out of bed for an 8 am to 4 pm shift, about as appealing as eating raw onions.

Office used to be 7 km from home, pedaling this distance on a regular bicycle takes me about 20 minutes if i push myself. Mornings are usually calm and not too windy, on my way home at 4 pm however, out here in the maritime region ( Moncton, New Brunswick ) things get really windy…

That 20 minute ride to work can turn into a 40 minute ride home, standing on the pedals and leaning into it.

I remember my first day to work using my ebike, shown here , a police auction repo with Wilderness Energy kit (* any of you involved with ebikes long enough will remember them being one of the pioneers of conversion kits, no longer in business however.. )  I left home at 7:30 am , figured my usual 20 minute ride would be similar, imagine the smile on my face when i got to the office in under 10 minutes ! and i did not need to change my shirt !

Is this cheating ?  I say no !

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