Keeping up with technology !

Lead, Keep up or Move out of the way !

When it comes to technology, it’s a fast paced race just to keep up, specially over the long run. When i graduated (  back in 1996  ) i had no clue what i wanted to do with my life, did the typical aptitude tests, flipped thru the  ” Jobs book ” and all that jazz… but graduation came and there i stood with more questions than answers regarding my destiny,  like so many of my friends…

One thing i knew, technology was interesting and i had a knack for programming the VCR and reading instruction manuals. While most of my friends preferred to play hockey. I have terrible eyesight so sports were never my thing.

For lack of anything else to do with my life, i decided to go to college and take a one year course in the computer field ” Network Administrator and Integrator ” was the title, this is going back to the early days of Windows 95 ! Novell Netware 3.22 and first generation 486 cpu’s !  ( oh god, this really does not make me feel any younger…. gulp )


I could have done anything i wanted, as far as education goes, had all the courses needed for University, and if i could turn back time, i would have gone into engineering …. but .. that was not how it went down and i do not have a Doctor Who’s T.A.R.D.I.S ..


so yeah. IT guy it is !

technology panic

Got me a job, in what else, a Call Center !!..  Not very glamorous, but it paid the bills !

When you are stuck to a computer screen 10 hours a day, you end up reading a lot, a whole lot,  or at least i did.  Reading about the latest software, hardware and PC gadgets..

Also spent a fair amount of time learning about Home Theater, it guzzled up a fair amount of my spending money for a few years, back when Kenwood was a quality amplifier and Bose made spectacular speakers, and having a 32″ TV was HUGE … lmao..

Around year 2000, i rediscovered my bicycle,  after living in the city for a few years and making due with Buses and Taxi’s, decided it was time to get working on my ever growing beer gut.  I spent most of youth pedaling my way around, not having a car and eyesight too bad to drive a car. I went to the local yearly police auction and purchased a low budget mountain bike.

For the better part of 3 years i cranked those pedals, mostly for leisure since i lived 5 minutes walk from work. However, after getting a house ( no more wasting money on ” rent ”  ) i suddenly had a 7 km trip each way  so my trusty bicycle got dusted off and i started pedaling to work every day.

Moncton NB is fairly flat, not too many hills, but we do have some serious wind, specially around supper time and, of course, always blowing in your face, making the trip home a leg burning event. What’s a guy to do ?

So i got on the internet to find a solution, i recall searching  with ” ” as google was not the animal of a search engine it is today. I discovered electric bikes and never looked back….

Ebikes have evolved quite a bit as well, specially battery technology, while Lead Acid was the standard, NIMH was hugely expensive and hard to find.. and lithium was only for the true dare devils and hard core early adopters.

Last week ( November 2013 ) i traded my Motorola Atrix for a Samsung Galaxy S4, a huge leap forward in cell phone technology, and a massive improvement compared to my late 90’s peanut phone lol..


Keeping up with change is a challenge not everyone manages gracefully, generations adapt to their level of technology and it seems very few have the motivation to move ahead with current times. As we get older, our ability to learn complex tasks diminishes, and become daunting tasks and sometimes uncomfortable and in certain cases, some people just refuse to make the effort or are unwilling to try.

 Consider the Wireless age that we live in today, what used to require days of cabling to network an office, can now be done in hours with a WiFi router and modern devices.. the desktop PC is becoming a relic being replaced by tablets and laptops. Network storage is cheap, i have  5 Tb of storage on my home network, something that would have been enough to store a University database 15 years ago.

With my recent change of employment, i decided to update my digital camera a short while ago, for 220$ i was able to buy an 18 megapixel Sony WX200 capable of 1080p video and capable of transmitting my pictures wirelessly to my PC !

I can only imagine what the future will bring, flying cars anyone ?

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