Riding Gear : Dress for Success !

Safety First !

My First-Aid kit is well stocked, multiple boxes of Band-Aids of every type, and size, peroxide, spray on skin ( cool stuff but it stinks ) .. Fire extinguishers in kitchen and office.. smoke alarms on every floor..  I may not be ready for everything, but i’m ready..

Same goes for riding, I have all sorts of helmet types, from Motocross, to Snowmobile and Street Bike, Down Hill and Bicycle ..

Below is a typical bicycle helmet we all know about..


No matter what you ride, helmets save lives, they get itchy, they sometimes smell bad, mosquito’s get in the darn air vents that your fingers cannot reach… and if i hair… well. moving on…

Generally no fun to wear… But having a nurse change your diapers for you is not much fun either.. I imagine… so yes, it’s important to wear a helmet.. it may not save your life.. but it sure won’t make things any worse if you do go down.


When I ride by myself and want to play.. I grab my Giro !

Giro2008 346

This is what guys, dressed like Star Wars imperial guards with body armor, wear and ride down dry ski-slopes during  summer , called ” Freeriding ” or Down Hill riding, it not only protects your head, it gives you chin protection, i like chewing my food…

I should gather all my helmets for a group photo…. hmmm..


Next up, Gloves !

Unless you live in Florida, one pair of gloves won’t cut it.. you need the right gloves for the job.

I’ve crashed many times  over the years : i do all my own stunts ..

After trying everything  possible in my city, Mark’s Work Warehouse has the best selection, work gloves now come in every type, thickness, and size.. Mechanic gloves also work well..


You can go to your local bike shop ( LBS ) and pay crazy prices for bicycle gloves, they are ok, but after seeing the price tags, i just went to mwww, Costco and Walmart also have selections but quality is not as good…

First thing you do when crashing, usually, is protect your face using your hands.. This does depend on the crash type, like over the bars vs loosing a wheelie. I never could master the wheelie.. Keeping road rash to a minimum is worth every penny.

Something thin enough to allow you to use the throttle, brakes and shift, yet thick enough to protect your hands.. knuckle padding helps also.

Then, if you are a true, hardcore, ebike guy/girl…

Rain Gear !

Getting caught in rain is one thing, going to a day job 5 days a week, rain or shine, takes dedication !

For a long time, I biked to work if the road was dry in the morning, even if i knew it would be raining when I came home,  change soaking wet clothes, take a hot shower and hope your sneakers are dry in the morning..

They usually are not.

I met the challenge properly many years ago. After wussing out and paying taxi in the morning and waiting an extra hour after work for the next bus home, 13$ a day for that combo. I eventually said, ” No More ! “

Mountain Equipment Co-op

Is a good place to start, you can try Amazon and other online retailers but MEC carries all good stuff.  I’m sure the are equally good online sources for quality gear, I just happen to have experience with mec, and it’s been good.

The most awesome thing ever, was when I discovered Shoe-Covers !


These go over your footwear, and under your rain pants, so rain flows off and away keeping your feet dry while pedaling in slop… They come off in a few seconds, and they make rain pants easy to slip on without removing your shoes !

YouTube vid – Rain Gear !


Cold Weather Gear !

By September the cold weather rolls around,  Giro type helmets also keeps your head warm and the wind out of your ears. When the mercury drops below zero Celcius , you need warmer layers….

Out here, by late December the roads are usually still free of snow,  but temperatures can drop… I’ll go until it snows, then the roads are covered in salt and I park the bikes.


Above, I added a face shield made from a grinding mask, it cuts the skin biting wind, but allows enough air flow to prevent my glasses from fogging. A few pieces of adhesive Velcro allows for quick on/off.

Some long cuffed gloves that go past your wrists preventing wind from blowing into your jacket..

Neck tube or balaclava.. is also a must .


When you dress for success, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear..

I draw the line at snow, some guys are tougher than me and keep on going all year even thru snow storms… not sure how they cope or what gear they use, but I really do not need to know.lol..

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