Ebikes are for Everyone !

” Why would i need an electric bike ? .. i’m perfectly healty… “

I have  been riding ebikes for so long now that it’s crystal clear that ebikes  are great for everyone !

But, for some reason, there seems to be a stigma attached to the combination of a bicycle, and a motor, as if it was a sin to do such a thing….  To be seen riding a bicycle, assisted by  motor, oh my… imagine that…

Next spring, i intend to make a big sign and stick it at the end of my street that says : ” FREE bike rides ” then make a video of people’s reactions to their first ride on an electric bike, something i have witnessed 100’s of times now. It’s often called ” EV-Grin ” , and for good reason.

It puts a huge smile on my face to see the reaction i get from people who have not been on a bicycle in decades, wobble away from the driveway, hit the throttle and suddenly realize how much fun these things really are !

I must admit, i do not own a car,  not because i’m a hobo or broke.. ( eyesight issues, would barely pass DMV test.. barely.. )  i have been using bicycles as means of transportation my whole life ( 35 years old as of this writing ). My use of bicycles has been more utilitarian than recreational, however, since discovering ebikes i have racked up many 1000’s of kms just for fun.

Also, i have had the pleasure of exposing people to something new !  With the usual movies, eating out, beach / pool.. you know.. activities that we all do, year after year… Going for an ebike ride is a cool experience all it’s own if you have never tried it before.. and sadly.. many have not, I’m working hard on changing that.

August 7, 2014 :

Just like there are all sorts of bicycles, Road bikes, BMX, Mountain Bikes, Recumbents, Tandems, Folding bikes.. for example.. there are ebike kits for different  needs.

Some of my Grin inducing acceleration and eye watering top speed inventions are fun, but the large majority of people are happy with nice and easy 500 watts and 30 kph speeds…. like.. legal !

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