Destination… Not Required


I grew up way out in the middle of nowhere, one road town, not a whole lot to do for teenagers. The most popular past time, wedge 4 guys in a Chevette, everyone chips in a few dollars for gas  and just drive around from town to town

Good times !

With the price of gas being what it is today however, the popularity of just ” going for a drive ” has all but gone the way of the dodo bird.  These days, most people get in their car and head to a specific destination with as few detours as possible.

Living on a budget is not easy, with my latest change of employment status ( see blog entry Nov 2012 ) making due without a weekly paycheck means cutting back on expenses and finding cheap ways to entertain myself.   I’m a homebody, never been into the club scene, i generally prefer a quiet atmosphere and hanging out with close friends for a drink, or two..

However, some people have a never ending appetite for travel, visiting other countries and going to resorts, while not even knowing what the houses look like 2 streets away from their own home !  It’s amazing what you can discover if you slow down and take the time to look around to explore your surroundings.

This past summer, 2013, i had the opportunity to spend time traveling around Moncton, on my ebike, enjoying the weather and cruising around every city street i could find within a 30 km radius, and sometimes further.. I discovered all sorts of great trails, dead ends, rich and poor neighborhoods, talked to people and had a great time, all without spending more than a few pennies per day to top off my battery packs.

Sandy also came along on many of my random trips, a few years ago on Canada Day, me and my neighbor went to the yearly city organized bicycle ride, when we got there, we met a nice lady with a trailer attached to her bicycle and her dog ” Maia ” in tow.   That very day i made my way to a local Canadian Tire store and got me one too, thought this was a fantastic idea !.. specially given the stability of my KMX Cobra recumbent trike.. it’s the perfect vehicle for leisurely rides.

KMX trike with dog trailer

My dog, LOVES IT, she goes bonkers when i pull the trailer out of the garage. The trike, dog and trailer combo also make for a great advertising combo, everywhere i go, people gather around and ask questions.. it’s awesome !

So, all that to say, it’s time to rediscover  ” Just go out for a ride, no destination in mind ” . Go out, enjoy the ride, and have fun !


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