D.I.Y or Not… !

Back in 2003, When i first started researching electric bikes, there were few choices available if you wanted a pre-built, ready to ride, ebike…

Fast forward to 2013, there are now lots and lots of options !..

For example my A2B Metro 

— — —

The first and only bike available that I could find online back in the day was made by a company called Tidal Force, they made the coolest looking electric bicycle i had ever seen, at the time, and man… i wanted one.

Sadly, they are now out of business… before their time maybe ?



Many of these bikes are still in use today, originally they had the front hub filled with NIMH D cells, but most of the one’s still going have been hacked by their owners to run on aftermarket batteries..

The 3,000 $ price tag at the time seemed totally insane,  if only i knew then how much i would end up spending on some of my projects lol…


Then,  the alternative..


The do it yourself approach is another option, Ikea has done it for a long time and it seems to have paid off, shipping is expensive, and shipping a DIY kit in a smaller box vs a complete bicycle in a large box is significantly  less expensive !

Having worked for a shipping company for 16 years i know all too well the logistics of this, how often i’ve talked to people shipping a tiny little item in a huge box to keep it safe, then the bill arrives !!!.. It’s called ” Cubic Weight “, run the Length, Width, Height, and weight into a formula, if the number is higher than the actual weight, you pay more !

Then, instead of buying an ebike that only comes with certain options, you can pick and choose what you want.. color.. size.. power level.. battery options.. the list goes on.

If you are like me, you take pride in having something unique.. When someone asks ” Where did you get that ?” .. you can honestly say

” I put it together myself “

It’s a very satisfying feeling to build a regular bicycle into an ebike, that maiden voyage, sometimes resulting in the walk of shame back to the garage, is usually the start of something great !.

If you have ever gone to a Car Show, Bike Show, any type of gathering that involves a group of hard core fanatics about every topic under the sun, you always find passionate individuals who were not satisfied with what they were offered.. For some people it’s a case of obsessive compulsion  ( yeah, i resemble that remark ) .. For other’s it’s just a factor of taking something that does not get the job done and modifying it to suit the need..  Whatever that may be.

It’s become relatively easy to find bolt-on solutions these days, while some bits and pieces have to be cut, bent, painted, wired, and made to work, some ebike kits are fast evolving into quick and easy projects that just about anyone with the most basic tools can accomplish .

Having gone down that road countless times, I took all the knowledge i have gained and put together a kit of my own, the goal being ” Simple ” and providing solutions to the most common issues and kinks that sometimes make the difference between success.. and a box in your garage that never got installed due to xyz reasons.

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