Endless Sphere Status

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Planned Endless-Sphere Maintenance on August 6 - 2015

From 12pm (PST) to 8pm ( hopefully done sooner .. )


---- Update ---- 6:30pm Atlantic Standard Time ( 5:30 pm EST )

This is a quick global announcement to prepare everyone for the fact that Endless-Sphere will be going offline for a couple hours at 12:00 PST, ie. in 45.. 5 minutes. So try to avoid being halfway through writing a long post when this happens!


Direct IP link to new site location (* until update complete ):


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Why won't the forum load ?

August 9, 2011

A whole lot of things going on !!!!!!!!

But it's all good things this time !!

Grin Tech !


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January 17 2010

On occasion, the forum goes down for X reason, upgrades, hardware failure, ISP problems, whatever the case may be. And in no time i start to get emails

" Help !!.. I can't log on ?! "

So, This page will be updated with what i know, when i know it,

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