March 26 2008


Over the last few years, i've tested a variety of Hub Motors and for a long time now i've been hearing about the " Cyclone " .

In the world of " e-Bikes " you have a few options, a hub motor ( brushed, brushless, with or without gears inside ), or a chain drive motor ! There are also friction drive systems with a roller pushing on the surface of the tire..


Like the " Automatic " vs " Manual Shift " version of a car !

So in march i finally decided that it was time to try something new !

After a few emails to confirm sings of life from cyclone , a quick reply and answers to my most basic questions were answered. I then prceeded to purchase a 500w and a 1000w kit ! I also wanted a 350w but could only afford 2 kits, it was either the 350 or the 1000.. Considering i have the batteries to power it.. i chose the 1 Kw ! - Payment sent via the online store !


April 16, 2008

An email from Cyclone " Your shipment hass now been sent !

Hmm... sent ? 20 days later. I requested a tracking number, and got it.


April 21, 2008



When i got to the post office to pick it up, the lady at the counter went in the back storage, i heard a loud grunt as she lifted the box. " Wow.. this thing is heavy !!! " she says.. Drops it on the counter and looks at the box. Looks at me and with a grin says " I'm surprised the box is in such good shape ! I bet I know why ! ".. puzzled i asked " why ? " .. " Because it's too heavy to throw ! they had to carry it ! " lmao.. hmmm..


Above, i received

- 1 x 500w brushless motor with built in controller 7.2 lbs

- 1 x 1000w brushless motor 11.6 lbs

- 1 x 1000w BLDC motor controller

- 2 x Throttles with matching grips

- 2 x Freewheeling Cranks ( 3.4 lbs each !! )

- 2 x install kits, nuts and bolts..wires..

- 2 x Bottom Bracket crank spindles

Picture to show size comparison with a 355ml can of pop , the 1000w motor is huge !


June 16, 2008

BikeE ,

Some History : Bike-E ( Encycleopedia )

Long chainline, 3 speed internal hub, and 8 speed deraileur, perfect for a cyclone !?

Or is it ?

ps: That funny looking thing on the handlebars, rolled up fairing ( un-rolls and connects to the front wheel bracket ! )

Cuts wind considerably ! Great for efficiency !



I considered mounting a front hub motor on this bike, but lacing an 8" hub in a 16" rim requires 57mm spokes ( wich i do have ), however, the motors i have in stock are all 36 spokes, and the 16" rims are 28, making this a tad complicated. Mounting the motor into the 20" rear wheel is another option, however, this bike having a 3 speed internal hub it would be a shame to remove it. On top of that, the Sram shifter is 8 speed cassette, the motors would max out at 7 speed shimano and be a job and a half to lace with enough dish.. etc..


For those reasons.. we are going Cyclone style !

I need to get this motor tested, and getting feedback from a first time ebike owner ( the guy who owns the BikeE ! ) who has only driven a hub motor once ( my bike ) this will be interesting.



As you can see above, the hardware I got with the kit, will not work with this frame. The BikeE has a hefty 50mm x 85mm beam frame and the provided bolts are much too short.

After a long search at " Canadian Tire " left me with no luck, I went to " Princess Auto " in hopes of finding a solution.

13 $ later !

5/16" threaded rod, nuts, bolts, washers, etc..

Don't let the name fool you, " Princess Auto " is a mans wall-mart.. It's messy, un-organized, has parts of all possible things mechanical, and smells like tires ! What more could a guy like me want ?!

Always tape up your frame before you start to work on a bike, no one likes scratched paint. Electrical tape, cheap but it does the job.


Frame is 85mm, thickness of both aluminum blocks plus motor bracket, and enough threads for 2 nuts and washers etc.


Got out the trusty Dremel tool, with cutting disks, always thread on a nut before you make a cut, makes filing the ends of the threads and fixing the threads much easier.. otherwise you have to curse and swear it back on without cross-threading the whole thing.. !

Loose fit, but you get the idea !

I plugged in the motor to a 24v pack tonight, sanity check to be sure it works before i got any further with the project, sounds good, the motor is fairly quiet. Something different with the way throttle response kicks in.. unlike the Hub motors i'm used to, the cyclone uses a soft-start type software limit, if you gun the throttle from a dead stop, it will ramp up slowly to top speed. This is good as it prevents snapping the chain and wearing hard on your drivetrain.

Very anxious to get a test ride !!!



June 21, 2008

Time to remove the cranks !

Most bicycles have either " square " or " splined " axles, removing the cranks without using a heavy hammer or unorthadox methods.. requires a special tool .

First step, remove the hex screw that secures the crank to the axle.

Above, " Crank Puller " you thread the part on the left onto the carnk arm.

The 2nd part of the tool threads into the 1st part, then using 2 large wrenches ( or adjustables.. yes.. i know.. adjustables suck and should never be used on a bicycle.. but if you tighten them properly and make sure they don't slip.. it's fine imo )

Holding the wrench closest to the chainring, turn the other wrench clockwise and it will push against the bottom bracket axle.. and the whole thing just comes off like a dream.. don't even try this without the tool. You will just mangle everything and make a big frustrating mess.

Repeat on the other side.

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